Workers’ Compensation Win for Recycling Company Employee

Sometimes even when medical tests show nothing abnormal, you can experience pain and disability after an injury at work. That’s when the key to justice is a knowledgeable and aggressive workers’ compensation attorney.

Our client, Justin Lawson, recently won his workers’ compensation case after months of litigation by attorney Leto Copeley. Justin was working as a recycling collector when a recycling truck ran over his right foot. The truck dragged his foot along the pavement. X-rays revealed only one broken bone in the top of Justin’s foot. After undergoing surgery to repair that broken bone, X-rays and a CT scan showed that the bone was healed. On paper, Justin should have been back to normal. But Justin was in extreme pain that caused him difficulty standing and walking. To try to stop the pain, a surgeon performed a second surgery to remove the screw inserted during the first surgery. But the pain continued, even after a series of injections into Justin’s foot.

Fortunately, Leto Copeley is an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.  Leto did not give up when the employer terminated Justin’s employment and cut off his weekly benefits. She took to the case to a hearing and offered witnesses who testified that Justin was a hard worker. During Leto’s questioning of a doctor, the doctor admitted that Justin’s unexplained symptoms were not unusual.  Even a negative MRI did not mean that Justin’s pain was not real.

The Industrial Commission ruled against the employer and Justin won his case. In addition to ongoing medical treatment, employer was ordered to pay Justin weekly disability benefits to cover his lost income. The Industrial Commission aso granted Justin’s request to return to school a community college, while continuing to receive weekly benefits. In addition to having to pay for Justin’s tuition, the employer was ordered to pay for Justin’s books and educational mileage.    

Justice sometimes requires a fight. If you or your loved one is experiencing pain and disability due to a work injury and needs someone to fight for you, call Leto Copeley at Copeley Johnson & Groninger PLLC at (919) 240-4054. We can help.

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