Workers Comp 101: Injured workers who can work must return to work or look for work.

If you make a claim about a work injury and you can work, you must work.  If you don’t have work to do at your current job, you must look for work. This rule is confusing for injured employees. They often ask, “Why do I have to look for work?” “What kind of work do I have to look for?” And they tell me, “I don’t have to look for work, because I have a job waiting for me as soon as I get better!” But it comes down to this: you have to follow this rule if you want to get workers’ comp benefits.

Workers’ comp is meant to compensate people for disability. Disability in workers’ comp means that the worker can’t earn his regular wages because of his or her workers’ comp injury. The meaning of disability is not limited to the
injured worker who cannot do any work. Disability in workers’ comp means that the injured worker’s activity is limited in some way that affects his wages.

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