This is Why We Made a Podcast: The Law Sisters Discuss Sexual Harassment

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If you work, you likely have seen — or had — some problems with your employer. Or maybe you have had issues with your co-workers. Some of those issues may have been because of some unlawful actions.
You probably followed some of the sexual harassment scandals in the news – with Fox NewsUberstate legislatures, and universities under fire, it is hard not to know that sexual harassment claims are taking over the front page. You may have been sexually harassed yourself, or know someone who has been. It can be devastating to victims. You or your loved ones often need information about unlawful practices at work.
That is where the Law Sisters come in. Valerie Johnson and Leto Copeley are law partners who have been practicing together for 20 years. So long that we consider ourselves sisters — in the law! We decided to create a podcast where we talk about discrimination at work. Our first series is all about sexual harassment. The Law Sisters:  Sex at Work is an informative and entertaining discussion of the news and the law. We give lessons so you will know what the law does and doesn’t do. With segments like Bad Boss of the Week, and Is It or Isn’t It, we promise that you’ll leave our episodes armed with more knowledge than before.
Why do a podcast? For those of you who don’t listen to podcasts, they are like radio programs available on demand. They are also free! You can find our podcast on
– Apple Podcasts (that used to be iTunes)
– TuneIn and
We plan to talk about other employment topics in the future, but our first series has been launched!
Episodes include:
Is this Sexual Harassment, or Not
Fox News Sexual Harassment Epidemic
Civil v. Criminal Sexual Harassment.
Click the links above and listen and subscribe. We appreciate your support! Send us your questions at and and we’ll address it on a future episode.
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