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Keyless Cars Are Causing Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Keyless ignitions are now standard in most new vehicles. Drivers do not use a physical key but instead carry a fob that transmits a signal allowing the car to be started simply by pushing a button. Although the feature is convenient, the driver of the car must remember to push the button to turn the engine off – a big problem when the car has a quiet engine.  The combination of keyless cars and quiet engines causes many drivers to mistakenly leave their cars running in a garage, thinking they are turned off. The cars’ “convenience”

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Copeley Johnson & Groninger is Attorney at Law Magazine’s Law Firm of the Month!  

Committed to the Seventh Amendment Personal injury lawyers Leto Copeley, Valerie Johnson and Ann Groninger are not hesitant about taking cases to trial. “We are disappointed if we don’t go to trial,” Johnson said. “Preparing to go to trial is challenging. But we like to go to court.” “There is a reason our founding fathers made sure that the access to civil jury trials was in the Bill of Rights,” said Copeley, referring to the Seventh Amendment which guarantees preservation of the right to trial by jury. On a Wednesday in April, Groninger was in

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U.S. Supreme Court Cuts Workers’ Rights

In a shocking blow to workers’ rights across the United States, including those involved in the #MeToo movement, the U.S. Supreme Court held on May 21, 2018 that individual employees can be forced to use arbitration instead of the courts to bring wage and hour cases. The case is called Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis and can be found here. Unfortunately for workers, the ruling likely will extend to other issues, such as discrimination and working conditions. Under the new ruling, businesses can prohibit their workers from joining together in disputes by forming class action

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Leto Copeley reports Workers Compensation Win!

Our client, an associate veterinarian, was injured by a horse she was treating and lost all vision in her eye. Our client’s employer didn’t want to pay her workers compensation benefits at the rate we thought she was entitled to, so we went to a hearing at the North Carolina Industrial Commission. After the hearing, a Deputy Commissioner issued his decision, and we won for our client on two issues: her average weekly wage and permanent damage to an important body part. First, in North Carolina, an injured employee is entitled to workers’ compensation payments

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You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted: What’s Next?

Sexual assaults (stranger rape, date rape, unwanted touching, forced sexual acts, or abuse) cause intense trauma, stress, fear, and confusion. Some victims are too horrified to focus on caring for themselves. We hope you never encounter the brutality of sexual assault. If you do, the following list will help you organize your thoughts and take charge of a terrible situation: FIND SAFETY.  First, ensure your personal safety and the safety of your children and family. Is the perpetrator still nearby or able to approach you or your family? Secure your own space, lock all doors, and

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Think Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Rare? Think Again.

Did you know March was Brain Injury Awareness Month?  We wanted to post this blog last month, but we forgot – brain injury, perhaps? All kidding aside, brain injuries are no joke.  Often not detected or diagnosed for months or even years, these injuries can devastate lives.  New studies reported by Reuters last month reveal that young children who are hospitalized with head injuries may be at higher than average risk for developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) later in life. As for adults, head injuries are responsible for more than 80,000 emergency room visits

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Some conditions ARE payable under Workers Comp even when there is NO Accident!

Most people know that workers who get a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome from a job that requires strenuous, repeated hand movements sometimes can get workers comp benefits. But why some other conditions are occupational diseases and payable under workers’ comp is not as well understood. Some occupational diseases are listed in the workers’ comp law, like brown lung from breathing in cotton dust, or lung disease from asbestos. Other occupational diseases can be any condition that meets both of these requirements: the employee’s work causes the condition the employee’s job put her at

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America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

Dangerous Jobs

Bomb testers? Bail bondsmen? Stunt doubles? Sure, those jobs are risky business. But plenty of ordinary, everyday jobs also make the cut for America’s Most Dangerous Jobs. Here is our top 10 list of notoriously dangerous fields: Loggers / Landscapers / Groundskeepers: Watch out for falling trees, chainsaws, grinders, and other hazards of working in a rugged landscape. Loggers and landscapers are exposed to harsh temperatures, rugged terrain, and exposure to pests such as ticks, snakes, and wasps. Don’t forget about repetitive motion diseases – above-shoulder work or machinery vibration often takes a toll on

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Workers’ Comp is based on disability

Many injured workers know someone who was injured at work and got a “big” settlement from workers’ comp. But getting a big settlement means that the injured worker suffered a terrible impact to his life and his ability to earn a living. Because Workers’ Comp is based on disability, it means a serious injury and lost money from being out of work. With workers’ compensation settlements, serious injuries accepted by the insurance company usually take a long time before there is a settlement. Sometimes they will never settle. All workers comp settlements are voluntary, and

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Pain Killer Limits for Workers’ Compensation Claimants? North Carolina’s Dramatic Proposal to Fight the Opioid Crisis

Like many states, North Carolina has been hit hard by the opioid crisis, and workers’ compensation claimants are particularly vulnerable, because they must find a way to control their pain, so they can get back to work. Like many folks experiencing severe pain, injured workers often fall victim to prescription opioid addiction. Sometimes prescription addiction even leads to the use of illegal drugs, when pain continues but prescriptions run out. The North Carolina Industrial Commission, which oversees workers’ compensation claims, is hoping to reduce addiction among workers’ compensation claimants by proposing rules reducing the availability

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