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Don’t be afraid to file a Work Injury claim in North Carolina

Many North Carolina workers worry that if they report a work injury, they will be deported, stalked, arrested, harassed, or worse. In theory, North Carolina law protects injured workers – including undocumented workers – from criminal action or retaliation after they file a work injury claim. Such protections are important to reassure workers that they can report a work injury without fear for their own safety and security. Although many employers and insurers play by the rules, from time to time, certain unscrupulous employers and insurers resort to illegal tactics to get back at workers who

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Dog Bites: The Damage Can Be Devastating

A dog bite injury can happen in seconds. You are walking down a street. A dog runs from a neighbor’s yard toward your young child. She is bitten by a dog. Or maybe, you are in a park with your dog. A passerby loses control of his big dog. You are knocked down and your dog is bitten.  You are the victim of a dog bite injury. However the attack happens, a dog bite attack can take its toll. After a dog bite, you will need medical treatment.   The county’s animal control officers will investigate.

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Do I Have a Title IX Claim?

Title IX

What is Title IX?  Title IX is the law that applies to sexual misconduct on college campuses and all schools that receive federal funds.  It is a one-sentence law that says any educational program or activity that is receiving federal funds cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. They can’t exclude anyone from participating on the basis of sex, and they can’t deny the benefits of the program on the basis of sex. And to be clear, Title IX protects everyone in the school, whether it’s teachers, students, or employees. Title IX is also the law

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Justice Served for Injured Elderly Worker

Injured Elderly Worker in North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Case After a hard-fought battle by litigators at Copeley, Johnson & Groninger, justice was served for an elderly gentleman who, for years, worked through the tremendous back pain. After a full hearing and extensive testimony, the Industrial Commission ruled in the worker’s favor and awarded him workers’ compensation benefits, including medical benefits and years of accrued disability benefits. Unfortunately, in many workers’ compensation cases, old-fashioned grit and determination do not pay off, because employers and insurance companies point to the employee’s ability to work as evidence that

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CJG Day of Action 2018

We had a great day donating school supplies to the kids at the Boys & Girls Club in Durham!  We enjoy seeing their smiling faces every year. Their mission is “To inspire and enable all young people, particularly those who need us most, to reach their potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. ” To learn more about the Boys & Girls Club and their Impact, click HERE.

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Back to School Safety tips for Kids and Parents

How to Prep your Kids to Head Back To Schol It’s that time of year again. Parents scurry to shop for school supplies, find a high-quality daycare, fill out medical forms, and arrange carpools. When making these important arrangements, don’t forget the ultimate goal…school safety. Nothing is foolproof, but before walking that kiddo to the bus stop, consider the following five ways to reduce the likelihood of your child becoming a victim of predators, or getting involved in a bullying situation this school year: Teach Boundaries   Kids need to know that no one (including classmates,

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In a Workers’ Comp Claim, the Injured Employee has to Prove Just About Everything

What You Need To Know About Workers’ Comp Claims If you have a workers’ comp claim and it is denied, you probably understand that it will take some work to win in court. What you might not understand is that you have to keep proving that you have some disability every day that you claim workers’ comp. It doesn’t matter if your case is accepted or denied, it is your responsibility. That is hard to get across to some people who think they are doing everything right in their claims: maybe going to a doctor

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Planning to Settle Your Workers Compensation Case Without a Lawyer? Beware.

Why You Should Use a Lawyer to Settle Workers Compensation Thinking you can save a few bucks by settling your workers comp case without a lawyer?  Buyer beware!  The North Carolina Court of Appeals reminds us in Ramirez v. Stuart Pierce Farms (June 5, 2018, Elmore, J., unpublished) that a workers’ compensation settlement is final, even when the injured worker settled without an attorney and later discovered he may have reached a higher settlement if he had retained counsel. In Ramirez, the injured worker did not speak or write English and was not represented by

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Have you received a Hip Implant?

IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS HAD A METAL-ON-METAL HIP IMPLANT MADE BY EITHER SMITH & NEPHEW OR BIOMET FAIL, PLEASE CONTACT US TODAY!  Copeley Johnson & Groninger would like to speak to anyone that has received a Smith & Nephew Birmingham Resurfacing Hip (BHR) or Smith & Nephew Birmingham Total Hip Replacement and experienced the following: Popping, Clicking, or grinding on the hip joint and trouble with mobility; psuedotumors; metallosis, or elevated cobalt and chromium levels found through a blood test; a revision and removal surgery of the faulty hip replacement. A recent ruling against Smith & Nephew gives hip implant victims the right to continue to pursue and seek justice

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Are Fraternities Downright Dangerous to Women?

date rape

Beware, North Carolina college women. Some colleges can be a place where common risks range from overdosing on drugs or alcohol to physical threats such as sexual assault or date rape — especially for those involved in Greek life. Over the past year, shocking numbers of fraternity members have been arrested on drug, alcohol, and weapons charges – some so serious and pervasive as to cause the fraternity houses to shut down entirely. The arrests expose a potentially dangerous environment for female college students, many of whom are unaware of the hazards lurking behind those doors.

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