Valerie Johnson takes on the BIG boys!  Valerie worked my case to the end — and we WON! If fact, she (we) won every time the case was presented. Valerie’s knowledge of the law is truly unmatched and she proved that every step of the way. From the onset, Valerie listened to all I said, she then explained to me what we would encounter if we choose to move forward. We did move forward, and forward and forward, and always Valerie was there explaining step by step the processes and then presenting the options before me. Valerie overcame every hurdle, she held steadfast and never looked back and neither did I. Only with Valerie I can say, we beat the BIG Boys!!

Cheri Evans

Ethical, intelligent, effective and genuine coupled with being a skillful negotiator best describes my personal experience with Ms. Groninger. Her uncanny ability to work respectfully with all clients garners positive results. I highly recommend Ms. Groninger without reservation!

Christopher Causebrook

I had a great experience with Leto. She did such a great job for me that my co-workers started calling her too. She traveled to speak with me several times, which I greatly appreciated. She is very frank, firm and professional. She tells you exactly how it’s going to be. She doesn’t say one thing and do another. She was very dedicated to taking care of me. She put a lot of work into my case and I was very pleased with the outcome.

Donald Baker

I dealt with Leto and Elizabeth for my workers’ comp case. They’re always kind and very professional. If I have a problem, they act on it immediately. They’re honest and they’re like family. They make you feel like family. They are very caring. They come with the truth – what my rights are, if I am getting a fair deal. I’ve learned a lot.

Rebecca Matthews

They were just so easy to talk to and share with and they gave me their input and helped guide me in the direction I needed to go. I was able to have my surgery on my ankle so I could get back to work. I just love Valerie. She’s so honest and she didn’t sugar-coat anything. She just told me how it was. I loved her truthfulness. I would recommend the law firm – very much so. If it hadn’t been for Valerie and her associates being truthful and persistent, I don’t think I would be here. I just think the world of her.

Client of Valerie Johnson

Leto and Elizabeth have been with me since 2006. It has just been a really long haul and they have stood by me and with me and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Anytime something wasn’t paid right, I would just call and they would immediately fix it. Whenever I had an issue with a prescription, Elizabeth would take care of it and make sure I got my medicine quickly. They have just been really good to my wife and me. They have called and kept us abreast of what is going on. I appreciate the fact that they are always there when I call. When you are in the situation that I am in and feel slighted, it really helps to have someone on your side that you can count on.

Stephen Johnson

My experience with the law firm was just awesome. It had a personal touch. It gave me confidence. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Everything was timely and straightforward. Just all in all a great experience. I knew the firm was doing everything they could for my family and me. They worked for me. I felt like I was their only client because they gave me that much attention. I always keep Leto’s card with me. Trust me I would recommend her to anyone I know.

Trudy Evans

Being a police officer, I have dealt with a lot of law firms, but as far as I’m concerned, I was completely happy with what Valerie did. She really did her homework. I have already recommended her to others who are looking for workers’ compensation representation.

John Taylor

Everything was wonderful! Valerie was very professional and very friendly. As a matter of fact everyone that I met in the firm was nice. If I had to rate them from 1 to 10, I’d give them a 10. If anyone I know needs an attorney, I will recommend this law firm.

William Bass

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