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Here’s Why Press Says NC State Victims Knew Men Who Sexually Assaulted Them

We have seen recent news reports about alleged sexual assaults on female students at NC State. The reports said that three women who attended the same party in July in on-campus housing reported that they were assaulted by “three male students  they knew.”    The reports make it seem like it’s unusual to be assaulted by a man you know.  But that is not the case. In fact, sexual assaults are usually carried out (sorry guys) by men the victims know.  It’s pretty much the definition of sexual assault:  somebody you know suddenly surprises you, acts

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This is Why We Made a Podcast: The Law Sisters Discuss Sexual Harassment

If you work, you likely have seen — or had — some problems with your employer.  Or maybe you have had issues with your co-workers.  Some of those issues may have been because of some unlawful actions. You probably followed some of the sexual harassment scandals in the news – with Fox News, Uber, state legislatures, and universities under fire, it is hard not to know that sexual harassment claims are taking over the front page.  You may have been sexually harassed yourself, or know someone who has been.  It can be devastating to victims.  You or your loved ones

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How Much Does Workers’ Comp Pay in North Carolina for My Time Out of Work?

Workers Compensation Claim Process

FAQs About North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Rates When you are out of work because of a North Carolina work injury, there are two important questions: How do I get the medical treatment I need to get better, and How will I get the money I need for my family? Both questions need to have answers that make sense and are on time so that you can sleep at night. You’ll find the answers to your questions about medical treatment in our blog. The second one is crucial – you want to know when the checks

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A Right To Free Speech on the Job? Uh — Not so Much

Free Speech Word Cloud

Happy Independence Day Week! As you lounged at the pool or on the beach with your friends and family, between swimming, cooking and eating, you maybe talked about Donald Trump wrestling CNN, or North Korea, or whether Congress will take away your health care. Maybe you wore a shirt declaring Make America Great Again, or maybe it said Resist! So you have free speech at the beach, but what about at work? Well, that depends on your job. The right to freedom of speech and the right to freedom of the press are rights we

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Leto Copeley Inducted into the NCBA General Practice Hall of Fame

Leto Copeley Inducted into the NCBA General Practice Hall of Fame

North Carolina Attorney Receives Prestigious Award Leto Copeley was one of four new members inducted into the North Carolina Bar Association General Practice Hall of Fame on June 22 at the 119th NCBA Annual Meeting in Asheville. The Hall of Fame, sponsored by the NCBA Solo, Small Firm & General Practice Section, was established in 1989. This year’s induction class brings membership in the Hall of Fame to 157 attorneys. General Practice Hall of Fame lawyers are outstanding members of the legal profession whose careers have served as models for lawyers in the general practice

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Don’t Worry If You “Froze” During a Sexual Assault — It Was Normal

Coping After Sexual Assault

Understand the Reaction to Sexual Assault A lot of victims of sexual assault have a very common reaction.  They “freeze”, or become very still, while they are raped or while some other assault is committed against them. Sometimes they feel sleepy or pass out. It’s just a myth that a normal person will fight off a sexual assault, or will get away as fast as they can. The only victims I have ever heard of who did this were both women who were assaulted on public streets in broad daylight by complete strangers attempting to

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The Defendant in Your Case Wants Your Private Information

Defendent in Your Case Wants Your Private Information

After you are wronged or badly injured, your health, your money, and your future may all be at stake. You try to do all you can to recover from a bad situation that is not your fault. You fight your fear and call us for help. Then your lawsuit is finally filed and you can begin to think that this important situation might someday come to an end. Then you receive questions sent by the defendant. We tell you to answer them to the best of your ability. You look at the questions in disbelief.

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Congress Might Just Be Taking Away Your Overtime

Imagine that you usually get about 10 hours overtime in your job.   One day your boss asks you to sign an agreement that you will take comp time, instead of your overtime pay.  The paper says you don’t have to sign it, but you are afraid that if you don’t, you will no longer have a job. Lots of people are entitled to overtime pay because the law requires them to be paid time and a half for every hour they work over forty hours.  Now a bill that has passed the US House

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Valerie Johnson Reports Workers’ Comp Win

Workers Compensation Claim

Michael Coward, an employee with Weyerhaeuser for more than 35 years, was severely burned by a steam line. It was a case where Mr. Coward did nothing wrong. He was hospitalized at a burn center and will need to care for the large burn for his lifetime. Yet the employer refused to pay the proper compensation that he was owed under the law for the permanent damage to his skin. In North Carolina, an employee is entitled to three things after a workers’ compensation injury: payment for lost time from work. Payment is made at 2/3

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Why We Honor Fallen Workers Today

Workers Memorial Day

On Workers Memorial Day we remember workers who lost their lives on the job. It’s a good time to let others know about how risky some jobs are and to remind us about the responsibility that employers have to protect their workers. Every worker should feel protected at work from physical harm, harassment, and illegal employment practices. As business owners ourselves, we understand the biggest focus is on getting the job done. But you need to question, if the job can’t be done safely, should you be doing it at all?    The Bureau of

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