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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Serious injuries deserve serious results

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Workers' Compensation

Get all the benefits you deserve

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Being a crime victim can be devastating

Hold those who caused it responsible

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If you're in a bicycle accident

You need a lawyer who knows cycling

Litigation and Trial Attorneys in Durham and Charlotte

Copeley Johnson & Groninger PLLC is a law firm that fights for people throughout North Carolina who have been injured, abused or are treated unlawfully. We work hard for you, give you individual attention, and keep you involved at every step. We also provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself.

They make you feel like family. They are very caring. They come with the truth – what my rights are, if I am getting a fair deal. I’ve learned a lot.

-Rebecca Matthews

I just love Valerie. She’s so honest and she didn’t sugar-coat anything. She just told me how it was. I loved her truthfulness. I would recommend the law firm – very much so.

-Client of Valerie Johnson

I appreciate the fact that they are always there when I call. When you are in the situation that I am in and feel slighted, it really helps to have someone on your side that you can count on.

-Stephen Johnson

I didn’t have to worry about anything. Everything was timely and straightforward. Just all in all a great experience.

-Trudy Evans

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Get Workers’ Compensation 101 Guide Free

Authored by attorney Valerie Johnson, Workers’ Comp 101 is a short and simply-written guide to the North Carolina workers’ compensation system. It aims to help injured workers avoid common mistakes so they can get the care and financial support they need.

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